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Replacing your windows and patio doors can be a good idea, but is it a good investment?

Certainly, you can evaluate the amount of money you will spend on replacing your windows and compare it to the amount you …Read More »

The Case for Partnering With a Professional Firm for WordPress Design and Development

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A Guide to Hiring the RIGHT PEOPLE

We’ve found the topic of hiring to be of great interest to many small business owners. In fact, we report the top …Read More »

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I recently wrote an article for Businessing Magazine about book covers and how the quality of your book’s cover can make or break its success. This is especially true of business books, whose readers tend to be busy professionals themselves. They don’t have time to sort through hundreds and hundreds of choices; they will narrow the field quickly by disregarding books with unprofessional or unattractive covers. In the article, I highlighted a handful of . . . ...Read More »